Welcome To The Corporate Website For All Of Taber’s Truths Websites

In May of 2011, Pastor Duke Taber started blogging on this website and called it Taber’s Truths. In the first year it received over 1/2 million visitors.

Today Pastor Duke owns 3 websites. They are Viral Believer, Easy Church Tech, and Taber’s Best Reviews.

Viral Believer

Viral Believer is our premier ministry website. It focuses on growing people up in their faith in Christ. It features Bible studies, Christian testimonies, and Christian videos.

Easy Church Tech

Easy Church Tech is a church technology resource for pastors and other church leaders to help them navigate the waters of church technology with simple and non-techie articles that help them make the best decisions for their church in all things Church Tech.

Taber’s Best Reviews

Taber’s Best Reviews is our venture into the marketplace. Just as the Apostle Paul made tents to supplement his income while working in ministry, we are in the marketplace offering unbiased reviews of products that people want to know about.

We give God all the glory for the success that Taber’s Truths Websites has been given. We hope that we will be one of the resources you use as you grow in your faith, serve your church, and make wise purchasing decisions.


Pastor Duke