Image of a home with an electric fireplace

Why Buy An Electric Fireplace?

More and more people are turning from wood burning and gas fireplaces to electric fireplaces. The reason? They are by far the most economical and cost efficient fireplace on the market.

We all remember spending time around the fireplace when we were young. Those times bring back good memories. Now you can replicate those memories without all the muss and fuss. Here's why.​

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Top Reasons People Are Buying Electric Fireplaces

Now The Chimney Sweep came up with some great reasons. Here are a few more reasons as well.

​Because you want the mood and warmth a fireplace gives

Let's face it. Nothing is more romantic than sitting by a fireplace. There is just something about the flickering light of flames that cause the flames of love to ignite.

But that isn't all. Spending time with family and friends with firelight in the background can't be beat. Nothing sets the tone of the room like a fireplace.

Because you like a care free lifestyle​

The biggest drawback to wood burning fireplaces is all the time and effort it takes to fuel and maintain the fireplace. How much time do you want to spend going out and cutting wood? How about stacking it? Then hauling it into the house. What about cleaning up the ashes after you are done using it? What about hiring a chimney sweep every year to clean your chimney?

All of these things make your life filled with more hassle. An electric fireplace comes with none of that burden!​

Because safety is important to you

Image of an entertainment center electric fireplaceDo you have kids? Do you have expensive floors or carpeting? Do you want an expensive home owners insurance policy? Wood burning fireplaces are not nearly as safe as electric fireplaces. Kids can inadvertently get burned. Your wood burning fireplace can spit out an ember and burn your floor or carpet or worse. And your insurance company is going to gouge you for having one.

Electric fireplaces are safe and will not burn your children, floors, or your pocketbook.

Because you care about the environment

Electric fireplaces are the most efficient type of fireplace on the market. They send 99% of the heat they produce into the room they are in. This is almost 50% more than wood burning or gas fireplaces.

They also produce no toxic fumes or environmentally ​harmful gases. They are also less expensive to use than any other type of fireplace. They are cheaper than gas fireplaces, and when you take into account the labor cost of cutting, splitting, stacking, and hauling wood into the house, the savings is enormous compared to a wood burning fireplace!

Because you are still renting a home

Most electronic fireplaces are portable. They go where you go. So you don't have to worry that you will lose the fireplace you love if you move. You also don't have to wait until you own a home of your own. You can enjoy a fireplace now and later when you own your own home.

As you can see, owning an electric fireplace is a smart move for wise shoppers. ​

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