The Power of Great Faith: Biblical Examples of Belief in Action

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Navigating life’s storms often leaves us questioning where God fits into our struggles. It’s in these moments, I’ve found myself pondering the true essence of faith in God.

The Bible, rich with narratives of unwavering faith, serves as a beacon of hope and guidance. It wasn’t easy, but I’ve selected a few standout stories that I believe will inspire you as much as they’ve inspired me.

Faith, as defined by Webster’s Dictionary, is more than just belief in God’s existence; it’s about placing our absolute trust in Him. It’s this trust, grounded in an understanding of God’s character and promises, that shapes our relationship with the divine.

Through exploring these biblical examples of great faith, I hope to illuminate the path for a deeper, more meaningful faith journey with the Lord.

Examples of Great Faith in the Bible

Faith is a cornerstone in my relationship with God, guiding me through life’s storms and uncertainties. It’s not just about believing in the existence of a higher power; it’s about trusting in God’s plan, character, and promises.

Through the Bible, we find incredible stories of faith that inspire and challenge us to deepen our trust in God. Here, I’ll share remarkable examples of great faith that have profoundly impacted my journey.

Abraham’s Faith in God’s Promise

Abraham, often heralded as the father of faith, sets a profound example for all believers. His journey, detailed in Genesis 12:1-4 and Hebrews 11:8-10, speaks to the essence of true faith—obedience and trust in God’s promises, even when the path ahead is unclear.

By faith, Abraham left his homeland, not knowing where he was going, because he trusted in God’s promise to make him the father of many nations. This act of obedience, without hesitation or knowledge of the outcome, underscores the depth of Abraham’s faith.

His willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac at God’s command further illustrates his absolute trust in God. Though God ultimately spared Isaac, Abraham’s readiness to obey showed his unwavering faith in God’s goodness and faithfulness.

Esther’s Courageous Faith

The story of Queen Esther is a powerful testament to courageous faith in the face of deadly risks. Found in the book of Esther, her story unfolds in a context of potential genocide against the Jews.

Chosen for such a time, Esther had to approach King Xerxes without an invitation—a move punishable by death—to save her people. Fasting and praying for three days, she prepared herself to put faith over fear.

Esther’s audacious faith not only saved her life but also the lives of many Jews in Persia. This narrative teaches us about the power of stepping out in faith, even when the outcome is uncertain, and about God’s mighty hand working through those who trust in Him.

Daniel’s Trust in God in the Lion’s Den

Daniel’s story, particularly his experience in the lion’s den as recounted in Daniel 6, showcases his unwavering faith in God. Despite facing persecution and death for continuing to pray to God in defiance of King Darius’ decree, Daniel remained steadfast in his faith.

His trust in God was unshakable, leading him to be thrown into a den of lions as punishment. Miraculously, Daniel’s faith was rewarded; God sent an angel to shut the lions’ mouths, and Daniel emerged unscathed the next morning.

His trust in God amidst dire circumstances serves as a powerful example of how faith can bring us protection and deliverance.

Each of these stories from the Bible—Abraham’s unwavering obedience, Esther’s courageous faith, and Daniel’s trust in God—serve as beacons of inspiration for me.

They remind me of the power of having faith in God, especially when faced with challenging situations. These narratives encourage me to deepen my trust in God, knowing that He is always working for my good, even when His plans are beyond my understanding.

Faith Demonstrated through Actions

Throughout history, there have been undeniable instances where faith wasn’t just a matter of belief but was demonstrated through decisive actions.

These stories teach us the importance of not just holding faith in our hearts but letting it guide our actions, even when faced with insurmountable odds.

Noah’s Obedience in Building the Ark

Imagine being Noah, tasked with building a giant ark in preparation for an unprecedented flood.

I’m struck by the sheer faith it must have taken to embark on this venture, facing ridicule and disbelief from those around him. Noah’s unwavering obedience in the face of skepticism serves as a potent example of faith manifested through action.

Key PointDetails
Time Taken to Build the Ark120 Years
Noah’s Title in the Bible“A Preacher of Righteousness”
Biblical Source2 Peter 3:9

Noah’s steadfastness wasn’t merely about survival; it was a testament to his absolute trust in God’s word. His life exemplifies how faith, coupled with action, can lead to salvation, not just for oneself but for many.

Rahab’s Faith in Helping the Spies

The story of Rahab is equally remarkable. Despite her background and the danger she faced, Rahab’s actions were driven by a profound faith in the God of Israel.

By hiding the spies sent by Joshua and helping them escape, she didn’t just demonstrate faith through words but through courageous actions that risked her life.

Rahab’s story emphasizes that faith can change destinies. Her decision to help the spies was a pivotal moment, not just for her own life but for the entire history of the Israelites.

It’s inspiring to see how her faith and subsequent actions inserted her into the lineage of Jesus, proving that faith can indeed alter one’s direction and legacy.

Both Noah and Rahah embody the essence of faith demonstrated through actions. Their stories remind me that true faith often requires us to step out of our comfort zones and take action based on our beliefs.

It’s a call to not just hear but to act, to not just believe but to also participate in the unfolding plan of God, even when the path is uncertain or the outcome unseen.

The Power of Persistent Faith

In exploring the biblical narratives that demonstrate great faith, it’s essential to delve into the stories that not only inspire but also teach profound lessons on the tenacity of belief.

Among these, the account of the Woman with the Issue of Blood stands as a testament to the power of persistent faith.

The Woman with the Issue of Blood

When talking about unwavering belief, the story of the woman who suffered from chronic bleeding for twelve years is unparalleled.

Her condition, not just a physical ailment, was a source of social ostracism and deep personal despair. Despite the odds, her faith in Jesus’s healing power was unshakeable.

What’s remarkable about her story is not just her cure, but how she was healed. She believed that touching just the hem of Jesus’s garment would be enough to restore her health.

Imagine the level of faith it takes to believe in such a specific outcome from such a seemingly simple action. The moment she acted on her faith, her bleeding stopped, and her suffering ended.

This incident illuminates several key aspects of persistent faith:

  • Boldness in Action: Despite the crowds and her diminished social standing, she pushed through to touch Jesus’s robe.
  • Total Belief in Jesus’s Power: She didn’t doubt whether Jesus could heal her; she believed He would.
  • Healing as a Testament: Her healing served as a powerful testament to her faith and Jesus’s ability to recognize and honor that faith.

The audacity of her belief and the immediacy of her healing underscore that faith, coupled with action, can lead to miraculous outcomes. It also illustrates a vital lesson that many might overlook: faith doesn’t require perfect conditions to flourish.

Despite years of disappointment and societal shunning, her faith remained unfazed, guiding her towards a seemingly impossible healing.

In a world where skepticism often clouds judgment and hope, her story shines as a beacon of what can be achieved when we hold steadfast in our beliefs. It’s not merely about believing in miracles but also about taking steps, however small, towards where we place our faith.


The story of the Woman with the Issue of Blood is more than just an account from the past; it’s a testament to the incredible power of faith in action.

It reminds us that even when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, a steadfast belief and a bold step forward can open the door to miracles. This narrative isn’t just an inspiration; it’s a call to all of us to embody that same level of faith in our lives.

Whether we’re seeking healing, guidance, or strength, the key lies in not just believing but also in taking the necessary steps toward our miracle. Let’s embrace the lesson of unwavering faith and action, knowing that extraordinary outcomes await those who dare to believe and act.

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