My Favorite Inspirational Bible Verses

Duke Taber Bible Verses

Encourage and Uplift Your Spirit With Scripture ll of us have gone through hard times and had to overcome obstacles in our Christian lives and have needed a little inspiration. I have had to do the same thing. If it were not for inspirational Bible verses, I am not sure at times I would have had the strength to go …


My Favorite Bible Verses About Love

Duke Taber Bible Verses

Love Never Fails here are thousands of Bible verses about love in the Bible. I am sharing with you my favorite Bible verses about love that are both the most popular and that teach what the Bible says about love. Most people are quite surprised when they find out what the Bible actually says concerning love. At the end of this …


My Favorite Bible Verses About Hope

Duke Taber Bible Verses

Hope for the Journey o why post a list of Bible verses about hope? I didn’t realize until I started researching, how many people out there were looking for lists like this to help and encourage them. Especially since so many people in our nation are going through hard times right now. So I want to be able to minister …


My Favorite Bible Verses About Faith

Duke Taber Bible Verses

Having Faith as a Believer hese Bible verses about faith are some of my all time favorites. Having spent 32 years walking with Jesus, I have learned at least a couple of things about faith. Faith is one of the most important things a believer needs to have. So sit back, have a cup of coffee, and just let the …


My Favorite Bible Verses About Worship

Duke Taber Bible Verses

We are Made to Worship any people believe that there worship scriptures somewhere that says you are made to worship. Actually it was Martin Luther who once said that “Man was made to worship God”. I happen to agree with him so I compiled a list of worship scriptures to help you learn what the definition of worship is from …


My Favorite Bible Verses For Christmas Cards

Duke Taber Bible Verses

Scriptures To Personalize Your Christmas Cards ne tradition that many people have during the Christmas season is to send out Christmas cards. One of the uniquely personal things that people do with their Christmas cards is to include a Bible verse to go along with the card. I know some people that pray and ask God what verse to include …


My Favorite Bible Verses For Strength

Duke Taber Bible Verses

My Favorite Scriptures When Needing Strength o you ever need Bible verses about strength in your Christian life? I know I do! In fact it seems, I need scriptures that will help and empower me quite often. It is my prayer that these Scripture quotes from different men of God will strengthen and encourage you in your walk with Jesus. …


My Favorite Bible Verses To Lead Someone To Salvation

Duke Taber Bible Verses

SAVED; BODY, SOUL, AND SPIRIT Salvation is by far the most important topic of Christianity. These Bible verses about salvation will show you that without salvation, Christianity is nothing more than another man made religion. Salvation is not bought, earned, or somehow achieved by human effort. It is the free gift of God. These Bible verses about salvation will help …