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How Taber’s Truths Started.

I was watching a friend of mine surf wedding blogs. She was a wedding coordinator and was looking for ideas. I saw how these blogs were making money and I needed a new source of income. So in my ignorance I thought I might start one based on the things I had written in my life and the column that I was doing at the Moorcroft Leader, our local newspaper. I saw another blog post on Christian PF on how to make money blogging, so with that amount of information I started out. Thank God for faithful friends who supported me in those early days. Honestly the blog, and everything was quite amateurish and ugly. But I am a consummate researcher and so I began my quest of learning that has not stopped even today. My first successful blog post, which is still one of my most successful posts was a list of Bible verses about strength. I started to get search engine traffic. That was the turning point between having a hobby blog and having a successful website.

Taber’s Truths Today

I remember celebrating my first 1000 page views on Facebook. Today the website has over 1/2 million visitors per year. Instead of being hosted on the very limiting blogger.com platform it is now on a virtual private server using the wordpress platform. I quickly outgrew the limitations of blogger.com and went to shared hosting using wordpress but after 3 months and the gains in traffic I was asked to leave because I was using too much resources for a shared hosting account. With each upgrade came more expense but that was okay because each upgrade allowed me to serve more people. Taber’s Truths is now known for it’s quality Bible teachings and it’s lists of Bible verses and Christian quotes on a lot of subjects. Today it is just starting to break into the Christian news and commentary arena and that addition has caused quite the stir and is starting to give even more search engine traffic, traffic from Facebook and Twitter and the other social networking sites, along with giving people more options on topics to read about and engage with. It is my hope that with the addition of the Christian news and commentary that I will still be able to teach principles from the Bible as they relate to today’s world and give people something more to think about and help them apply the Bible to today’s world.

Taber’s Truths Going Forward.

On January 21st, Taber’s Truths was pleased to announce the launch of Christian Faithbook. The faith and family friendly Christian social network. Both Taber’s Truths and Christian Faithbook are hosted on a state of the art private server. Not bad for a guy with no computer training and did not know anything about being a webmaster or blogging 2 years ago.

Websites Owned By Taber’s Truths

Taber’s Truths in the Future

Taber’s Truths will be continuing to expand into the Christian and family friendly market with future websites. Ideas currently being considered are a Christian blogging website for bloggers who want to be a part of a blogging network.

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