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What Does The Term Acoustic Electric Guitar Mean?


What Does An Acoustic Electric Guitar Mean?

I have had a few people ask me on my acoustic electric guitar buyers guide what the term acoustic electric guitar means. So I figured I would do an article giving a brief explanation on what does an acoustic electric guitar mean.

The term acoustic electric comes from the style of guitar and the use of electronic pickups with this style of guitar. The style is acoustic as opposed to a solid body electric guitar. The electronics used with the guitar make it designated electric. Sometimes people call this type of guitar an electro-acoustic guitar.​

What Makes An Acoustic Electric Guitar Unique?

The acoustic electric guitar is fitted with piezoelectric pickups, magnetic pickups, or a microphone pickup depending on what type of guitar you have. Guitars like classical acoustic electric guitars do not use metal strings so they do not have magnetic pickups.

​The design of the acoustic electric guitar is different than the semi-acoustic guitar which is really an electric guitar with a sound chamber hollowed out of the solid wood body.

Most acoustic electric guitars come with a piezoelectric pickup which requires a pre-amp to amplify the signal before sending it to the guitar amplifier or sound system. These are normally installed in the body of the guitar.

The pre-amp usually has tone controls, volume controls and some have a guitar tuner. Some people call these guitars plug in guitars since they are directly plugged into the amplifier.

Normally acoustic electric guitars are used when you need more volume than strumming a regular acoustic guitar can provide. Many bands and musicians use these guitars in live performances because they free up the musician to move around on stage rather than sit still in front of a dynamic microphone.

​Brief History Of The Acoustic Electric Guitar

​It was in the 1950's that Gibson Guitars first attempted to produce an acoustic electric guitar. However it did not produce a very good acoustic sound.

It wasn't until Country Music legend Glenn Campbell, who recently passed away after battling Alzheimer's Disease asked Ovation Guitars to make him an acoustic electric guitar that the modern version of the acoustic electric guitar was born.

Watch Glen Campbell Play The William Tell Overture On An Acoustic Electric Guitar

If anything can show you what does an acoustic electric guitar mean it is Glen Campbell playing the William Tell Overture

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