The Silent Treatment – Is It Emotional Abuse?

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Silent Abuse

When I was growing up I was one of those types of kids that cause parents to turn grey early in life. In fact my mother turned grey by age 29. LOL There were times when I would test my mothers patience to the point that I received what is called the silent treatment. There would be an hour or two or even possibly a day where she would not speak to me. I realized quite quickly that when this happened that I had really blown it that time. Not always is the silent treatment a negative thing. There are times when it is appropriate for someone to take some time not communicating with someone but where do you draw the line between appropriate quietness and abuse? I hope to help you figure out that line for yourself so that you do not end up wounding someone with the this behavior or help you understand that if you are on the receiving end of the someone treating you this way where to say enough is enough and no longer continue in an abusive relationship.

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The Silent Treatment - Is It Emotional Abuse?
Pastor Duke Taber shares his insights on how to deal with the silent treatment and whether or not it is a healthy or unhealthy behavior.