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The Bible Verses About Death And Dying I Use To Comfort The Living

Duke Taber Bible Verses

Finding Comfort In The Scriptures

Iam just like most people that don’t want to think about this subject, however I see it as my job to meet the needs of people. And the need for comfort is at it’s greatest when people are faced with the loss of a loved one.

So since Taber’s Truths is meant to be a place where people find strength and encouragement in their walk with Jesus, I decided to put together this list of scriptures to help you find comfort and peace. It is my prayer and  hope that you find the encouragement and comfort you are looking for as a Christian believer during this time of loss.

There are 9 pictures at the top of this post all with a Bible verse about death. There is a video on page 2 that will comfort you with words from the scriptures and a Christian song about death, and then there are text versions of the Bible verses that have meant the most to me as a believer and Christian pastor. On the final page is a link where you can download these verses in a .doc format so you can keep them on your computer or print them out.

I am confident that God will meet you during your time of need just as He has met me on more than one occasion.

Article Name
The Bible Verses About Death And Dying I Use To Comfort The Living
For over 20 years as a pastor I have comforted people who were dying or who lost a loved one. These Bible verses about death and dying will comfort you as well.