Are Natural Disasters a Sign of God’s Judgement?

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Is God Punishing Us?

It seems recently that we have had an extraordinary amount of natural disasters. Daily in the news are reports that someone, somewhere has been hit by horrible tragedy. From the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, to the Tornado’s in the southern US, to the flooding of the Mississippi. People all over the world are losing their lives and their livelihoods to these horrific events. So naturally it would cause a person to wonder, are these events a sign of God’s judgement upon a wicked people?

God’s Judgement Shown In The Flood

We all know that there was a time in history when God flooded the earth. In fact this event is not only recorded in the bible but other ancient literature as well. We know that natural disasters in the past have been attributed to the displeasure of God, and for that matter any other pagan god that the people believed in at the time. But is this the Father’s heart of God Almighty today?

After the flood recorded in the Bible, God promised He would not flood the earth again in judgement. In fact He gave us a promise via the sign of the rainbow that He would not do it again. Has anyone noticed rainbows disappearing from the earth?

Bad Things Happen To Good and Bad People

Jesus said that it rains on the just and the unjust alike meaning that all people are affected by natural phenomena. Let me ask you a question? The people affected in these disasters; were there believers affected as well? Is it just to bring calamity upon those that are faithful to God, just to punish those that are not? Do we not serve a just God?

The Bible teaches that judgement is reserved for the great and terrible day of the Lord. That man will be judged by whether or not his name is written in the Lamb’s book of life. That means whether or not a person has given their life and heart over to Jesus Christ to be the one that saves them from judgement.

So what are these calamities? What are these terrible natural disasters? Is there any meaning in them at all?

Do Natural Disasters Have Biblical Significance?

The answer to that is a big fat Yes!

Natural disasters are biblical birth pangs

Jesus said in Matt: 24:7-8 That there would be wars and rumors of wars, that there would be famines, widespread disease, and earthquakes. And He called these things the beginning of birth pangs.

Paul said in 1 Thess. 5:3 the judgment day will come like a woman with labor pains. And again in Romans 8:22, Paul says that The whole earth groans and labors with birth pangs.

Now if any of you have been around for any length of time at all, you will know that birth pangs start off small and grow in both frequency and intensity over time. So is what we are seeing relevant? I think so! The frequency and intensity of the natural disasters are growing! This can only mean one thing! That the day of judgement is getting close. That the return of Jesus is close. That the birth is soon upon us.

Now you can be as the people in Noah’s day and scoff and ignore the signs that the earth is giving off, or you can be wise and be prepared. The choice is yours. The Bible clearly teaches that when wars, famine, widespread disease, and natural disasters increase and get more intense, the time is near.

What Should You Do About These Natural Disasters?

So what is a person to do?

The Bible also clearly teaches that those who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, will be spared the coming judgement day. So the first thing you need to do is make sure you actually know Jesus. Not just a Christian in name only, but actually have the Spirit of the living Christ living inside of you. I have a page on this website that will show you how you can Meet Jesus personally and start that relationship with Him and have His Spirit live on the inside of you.
Secondly inform and teach people the reason for all these disasters. Show them how this has been predicted in the Bible and that they should heed the warning.

Are Natural Disasters a Sign of God’s Judgement?

So Dear Reader, Are natural disasters a sign of God’s judgement? No they are a sign that the return of Jesus is imminent. Are you ready for His return?

Now that is something to think about!

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Are Natural Disasters a Sign of God's Judgement?
Pastor Duke Taber sets the record straight in this Bible study on God's judgement and natural disasters.