Meet Jesus

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Let me introduce you to the best friend I have ever had, Jesus Christ. He has never left me nor sent me down the wrong path. He totally changed and revolutionized my life.

There is no magical formula for being introduced to Him. In fact when I started my simple prayer was this. “God if you are really there, do something with me.” He did!

Prayer is just talking to God, it does not have to be out loud, but at times it helps us focus if we do.

If you want to meet Jesus, like I have met Jesus then it is really simple.

Start talking to God in your own words. Include in your conversation that you are sorry for the things you have done wrong and for the failures you have had.

Ask Jesus to forgive you for those things and ask Him to come and really live in your heart. Ask Him to change you from the inside out.

Thank Him for hearing your prayer and trust that He actually heard and answered your prayer.

Then go and get to know Him. The best place to start is the Book of John.

Tell somebody of your decision. Jesus is not ashamed of you, no matter how bad your life is, so don’t be ashamed of Him.

Find a church that teaches just the bible.

Email me and let me know you gave your life to Jesus and let me encourage you in your walk!


Pastor Duke


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