Does the Bible Say the World Will End?

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The End Times

Does the Bible say the world will end? Recently there has been a lot of interest in what the Bible says about the end of the world. With all the hype going on about the year 2012 and new age prophecies, people have once again been looking to see what the Bible really does say about end times and the future of mankind. I have found in my 32 years of being a believer that the Bible is not all that hard of a book to understand if you personally know the author. The problems that people have with interpreting the Bible when it comes to the end of the world is that they make it harder than it really has to be with things like secret codes, interpreting ¬†what prophets of old saw in visions with the latest gadgets that modern science has come up with, and taking a preconceived idea and then going to the Bible to prove their viewpoint rather than just letting the Bible speak for itself. So let’s take a look at what the Bible says concerning if the world will end shall we?