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lying to god

Ananias And Sapphira: A Bible Study

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Are We Lying To God?

As I was studying for this Sunday’s message, I was reading once again the passage about lying to God. The passage in Acts 5 where a husband and wife named Ananias and Sapphira collaborated together to lie to the apostles and others in the church, and ultimately end up lying to God. I will be honest. This passage has always given me some trouble. I find it hard to accept the harshness of their punishment with a theology of grace.

Yet in my 32 years of being a believer I have seen on 2 occasions where God was finished striving with an individual and called them home instantly. One incident was with a person who had a history of causing strife within any church he attended. He had been confronted on this issue many times yet continued to do it. His family and home life was in complete disarray with his wife and children suffering. One day as the man was walking down the street, He just keeled over with a massive heart attack and died. The other incident was with a woman who was keeping books for the church. One day while she was tending her roses, she also just keeled over with a heart attack. Later it was discovered that she had been putting entries into the church books of donations being given by her that were not given.

I am not saying that God killed these people. However both of them were incidents where they died unusually since they both were not diagnosed with any heart disease, nor were they old by any means of the word. Both were in mid-life. This leads me to at least speculate that they were guilty of lying to God and that it had a tragic effect on their life.

Article Name
Ananias And Sapphira: A Bible Study
Pastor Duke Taber shares a Bible study on Ananias and Sapphira where he asks the question; Are we lying to God?