The Emotionally Healthy Church

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Are Emotions Allowed In Church? Recently I have been thinking on the subject of emotions and how they are dealt with in the church. What are the ingredients of the emotionally healthy church? It seems like that the church either swings to one side of the pendulum or the other. Either they are so emotionally inhibited that no one would …

death of john-baptist

The Death of John the Baptist.

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Behind The Death Of John The Baptist This morning I shared a message with my congregation entitled “The sad tale of a dysfunctional family”. It was based on the account of the death of John the Baptist. The beheading of John the Baptist is a poignant example of what can happen when we allow dysfunctional attitudes and actions to overtake …


Everyone Gets To Play

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A Sermon On Mark 6:7-13 Many times I take the sermons that I share at the¬†Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Pine Haven¬†and turn them into blog posts and articles that I publish in my weekly column in the Moorcroft Leader. Yesterday I shared this sermon on everyone gets to play taken from Mark’s gospel chapter 6 and verses 7-13. It is …

Picture of Jesus saying He loves us

The Love Of Christ For The Church

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As Christ Loves The Church There are many cliche’s that are used in the Christian world. Whether it is “Jesus loves you”, “Your body is a temple”, or “Men are to love their wives as Christ loved the church”, we say these things without really thinking about what they really mean. Today I am going to take a look at …