How To Put Together A Topical Bible Study

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Finding Topics For a Bible Study As a pastor, coming up with Bible study topics comes as second nature to me. I have been doing it for years. I forget sometimes that just because I know how to do it, and because it comes as second nature to me, does not mean that everyone knows how to do it, or …


Stewardship: A Bible Study

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We as Christians have chosen to give our lives to Jesus Christ. That means we have surrendered our will, our desires, and our way of doing things to Him. The way we live that life, is the classical stewardship definition. Stewardship means we are not the owners of something, but only the managers. We do our best to manage something …


Christian Family Life Today

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God’s Best For the Christian Family Recently the Christian family life has been on my mind since I have had a drastic change in lifestyle myself. In the first time in 22 years I am no longer working 60 – 70 hours a week. It has been quite an adjustment and I am sure it is not over yet. However …


Biblical Reasons for Divorce

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What Does The Bible Teach About Divorce? Recently I was asked by someone who wished to remain anonymous to post an article on the subject of biblical reasons for divorce. Since I felt that the author of this article does a much better job of explaining the biblical teaching on divorce than I ever could, I chose to repost it …

Be strong and courageous Bible verse

What the Bible Teaches About Courage.

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Do You Need Courage? Right now in this world, many of us are in dire need of courage. Between the natural disasters that have been happening and the state of the economy, we need a good dose of courage. Because of this, I decided to write about what the Bible teaches concerning courage. ‘Courage is not the lack of fear …


The Definition Of Atonement: A Bible Study

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What Is Atonement? Many times in Christianity we use big words that sound all high and mighty when it really isn’t necessary. The word atonement is one of these words. It get’s thrown around all the time in our “christianese” without us even thinking if people really understand what we are talking about. So I thought I would start taking …