Are Natural Disasters a Sign of God’s Judgement?

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Is God Punishing Us? It seems recently that we have had an extraordinary amount of natural disasters. Daily in the news are reports that someone, somewhere has been hit by horrible tragedy. From the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, to the Tornado’s in the southern US, to the flooding of the Mississippi. People all over the world are losing their …

Matthew 7:7 A wise quote about wisdom from Jesus

God’s Wisdom For Daily Living

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Walking In the Wisdom of God The last week has given us a great example of why Paul in his letter to the Ephesians told the Church at Ephesus to walk in wisdom. People going off half cocked with sun baked theologies and poorly thought out revelations of the return of Jesus. He said this. Eph 5:15 ” See then …

A close up of the work of Michelangelo at the Sistine chapel.

God’s Masterpiece: A Bible Study

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You Are God’s Original Content Over the last month, I have been learning a lot about writing original content. Google has put out a new program in their search program that is supposed to reward original content. So far I have my doubts that they accomplished what they said they wanted to do but that is neither here nor there. …

renewing your mind

Right Christian Thinking

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Positive Thinking, Stinking Thinking or Having the Mind of Christ? An avid duck hunter was in the market for a new bird dog. His search ended when he found a dog that could actually walk on water to retrieve a duck. Shocked by his find, he was sure none of his friends would ever believe him. He decided to try …


Priorities: A Biblical Perspective

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Maintaining our priorities and finding balance in life is sometimes a hard thing to find. I have found it quite difficult as a single person. Most of us, if we will be honest, really do not like being single. There is a huge temptation to get distracted by the goal of changing our single status. This makes us very prone …


How To Have Intimacy With Christ: A Bible Study

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Restored To Intimacy With Christ No restoration is complete unless you are not only restored out of something, but restored to something. I want to show that God has more for you in this life than just wholeness. More than just to give you back what was lost. More than to just give you freedom from all the things that …


Hearing the voice of God.

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Is God Speaking To You? I had a dream tonight, which is why I am up at 0 dark thirty writing this article. It was a dream of someone who I know and was a dear friend of mine. In the dream I was talking to her on the phone finding out why she made the decisions she made. We …


Breaking Destructive Cycles in Your Life.

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How To Break Self Destructive Cycles Have you ever felt like you were going in circles? That no matter how hard you try you seem to be on some type of giant merry go round? Or the proverbial hamster on the hamster wheel? I have at times. It seems like with certain issues in my life, I keep on having …

picture depicting heaven

Heaven and Hell In The Bible

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What Does The Bible Say About Heaven And Hell? My mom and I have a little running joke between us. anytime we do something that is a little off the straight and narrow, we tell one another. Oops! I am going to have to scrub another brick on the streets of gold for that one. The majority of people in …